Provided models for Fashion Show, Designers in India from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Bangalore & Cochin.

Last Update on 2nd April 2019

Done water filter

Done virgin coconut oil TVC AD

Done car Dakho and reliance Tvc

Done Aavin Milk product

Done Government Sand tvc water filter Tvc

Done Lalitha jewellery

Done Tata chakra Tea

Done Koblerr Print Shoot and TVC

Done Vijay TV Promo for 2019

Done Maggi TVC (National ADs)

Did Nippon Paints TVC (National ADs) byJothi Sundar, Balaji VS, Bhubaneswari, & KS Balaji

Aravind S Doing TVC

Sujith Kumarr Doing Ads and Movies

Ronith G Doing TV Commercial and Print Ads

Mithula Interested in Movie Serial & TVC,Language Known Tamil, Telugu & English, Western and Classical Dance Trained for 2 Years and Knows Swimming

G.S.Sanjev & G.S.Sjranjev Interested in movie serials, Ads & TVC

Sanvi Harish Interested in movie serials, Ads & TVC. Knows dancing. Language known Tamil, Kannada & English

Shriya did Billroth Hospital TVC, Vikatan Fitness concept shoot, Lighting based concept shoot for a leading Studio and interested in Ads, Print Shoots, TVC.

Arshad Virath did anchoring in Tv Channels, Serials and interested in movie

Amdeesh acted in movies and TVC

Dhrashini acted in Google Regional Ad

Durga acted in Maari 2 Movie

Kumudhini did for Hamam TVC and Print Ads

Pinky acted in Hadam TVC and Print Ads

Kaavya acted in Maari 2 Movie

Vaishnavi acted in Hamam TVC and Print Ads

Mona Did Print shoot for Sathya Electronics

Aruna Doing Serials

Sushanth Doing TVC for Health drink product

Sherin Did Print Shoot for NAC

Surajan Doing Serials and ADs

Balaji Did Corporate Ads for Builders

Sachin Done Print Shoot for Textiles

Provided Hostess for STRONGFIELD TECHNOLOGIES (UK Based Defence Product Manufacturing unit ) In Defence Expo 2018 - Chennai

Coordinating Models for Sun Group Magazines, Kungumam Doctor, Kungumam Thozhi, Dinakaran, Tamizh Murasu, Dinakaran Vasantham, Kalvi Veelai Vazhikatti, and Sun Group Visual Productions

Josiah acted in Movies, did Print ADs Interested in ADs, Movies & Serials

Patricia Joy Doing Print shoot Interested in Acting

Joshua Interested in Acting Serials, Movies, and ADs

Jebastinal did Photo shoot for Magazine

Joy Done Print Shoot for Kungumam Thozi (PEDL App)

Jabbar Done Photo shoot for Magazine Doing Serials and Movies

Radhi did Photo shoot for Kongumam Doctor Yoga Shoot

Jananee Acting in Nandhini Serial

Divya did Photo shoot for Higher Education Articles

Nandhini Nanjan and Suma Poojari Did Photo shoot Designer Wear in Kungumam Magazine

Dr Aishwarya BDS Doing Serials & ADs

Prasanth did TV Commercial, Acting in Movies

Aryan did Textiles Photo shoots & Ramp Show for Children

Done TVC for KLM Fashion Mall Ameerpet & Kukatpally, Hyderabad

Diya Done Photo shoot for Kumaran Store, Mylapore, Chennai.

Akshara done Textile Photo shoot and TVC for Mall Ganesh did photo shoot for Textiles

Pooja doing Serails and Photo shoot

Pavan did Photo Shoot for Shri Kannika Parameshwari

Surya did TWC for Chennai's Amritha and Few more ADs

Kabaliesh did Photo shoot for Saravana Stores and Shri Kannika Parameshwari

Jai Murali did Documentry for Lil Brahmas

A R Rahman Live in Concert in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand Organised by My Brother Rajesh

Done Print AD and Photo Shoot for Saravana Stores

Done Print AD and Photo Shoot for Sri Kumaran Textiles, R.K.Mutt Road, Mylapore, Chennai.

Done Print AD and Photo Shoot for Sri Kannika Parameswari Stores. Ganesh has done AD, Events Show

Done Photoshoot for Scintillant Academy

Done Kumaran Sores Myalpore & Tnager Print Ads

Done VML MALL , Andhra pradesh Print Ads

Done lil-Brahmas School Of Fine Arts TV Commercial and Print ADs

Done Life Style Management (Natural way of Giving Birth) Video Shoot for Pregnitive Technologies.

Latest Technic to avoid cesarean and to Monitor the Fetus at Home for 9 Months

Akshara gowda who acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada introduced by V Nandhini Model Coordinator

Lakshmi Acted in Serial and movies

Aishwariya Intrested in Movies and ADs. Done Movies with "Vijay Sethupathi" in Rekka & Kavan. Did a lead role in "Tirupathi Sami Kudumbam". Did ADs, Events And Fashion Shows.

Manoj done Photoshoot for a Leading Academy, Serial and Prints ADs.

Vignesh Doing TV Commercial and Events

Sonali Acting in Serial, Movies and ADs

Sandeep Acting in Serial, Movies and ADs

Master Rudra Acting in Serial and ADs

Meena Done Advertisement and Interested in Ads only

Prasanth Done Advertisement and Interested in Ads only

Jai Murali doing Health Drink ADs (As a Squash Player) and Event show

Aayush Panjiyar doing School Uniform ADs

Laksh Surana Doing Umbrella ADs

Sai Vishvajith doing serials

Akash Doing College ADs and Serials

Nathiya doing advertisements, Event show and Interested in Ramp Show, Fashion shows

Priya doing serials and advertisements

Sugaragamini is a Player of Tamil Nadu Cricket Team. Played in Ranji Trophy and Other State Level matches.She is Acting in TV Serials, Movies and Advertisements.

Done Srushti Fertility Centre & Women's Hospital advertisements on 26 / 5 / 2017

R S International School

Gold Winner Refined Sunflower Oil

Prints advertisement for Southern Indian Railway (Govts Ads).

Regional (South India) Swach Bharath TV Commercial ADs In All South Indian language

Mohamed Younus done Movies, Serials and Ads

Wasima done Movies, Serials and Ads.

Safa done Movies, Serials and Ads

Divya Kumar acted in TV serials and TV Commercial Ads.

Swarna acted in Telugu Movies and Ads

Done Jewelry Ads and Saree Ads -Jaya Swaminathan

Done Ads for Saree and TVC - Talween Salch

Done Jewelry show as event and Arabic Make-up for Website – Dr.Meenal Bhagat

Done TVC – Saliesh

Done Ads for Southern Railways and Print Ads – Ganesh

Done Fashion Shows and Comparing in Hindi - Mahesh

Done 4 TVC , Ads and Years of Theater Experience- Rahul Jaittly

Done TVC – Harshini

Done Ads for Southern Railways, Print Ads and Short Films – Bhagya Sri

Done TVC – Prasanna

Done 100 Ads & TVC and Serial - Archna

Done Acting, Anchoring and Events – Tarun

Done Events, Short Films, Events, Theater actor, and Movies – Gokul

Done Ads for Southern Railways and Print Ads – Lalitha

Done Events, Short Films, Events, Serials and Movies – Master. Askhya

Done Ads for Southern Railways and Print Ads – Deivasigamani Adv

Done TVC, Serial and Films- Master Ananth

Done 5 Serial and few ads - Pargavi

Done More 30 Ads, Winner of Top 3 Models Season 4 - Winsaagar

Done TVC, Serial and Movies- Baby Sejal Meena

Done Video Jockey for Pondicherry Local Channels and Ads- Selva Kumar

Done Ads for Asar paints – Attul

Done Ads shoots for Vikatan, TVC shoot for Fashion equation- Anisha

Done Ads, Serial, TVC – Master Akshith and Vignesh

Done Radio Jockey and Events – Balaji

Done Acting in Serials – Deepak

Done Fashion Shows –Edwin

Done Shows for Loreal and Fashion Show for Lihaaz –Abishek

Done Tv Serials – Manjunath

Done Ads for Down South – Annanyasree

Done 20 TVC and Fashion Shows - Sajid

Done Dance Drama, Short Films and Ads – Ajay

Done Many Serials and Ads – Rosalind

Done Anchoring for Tech Shows and Corporate Ads – Vinod

Done Serials and Fashion shows – Naveen

Done Ads and Fashion Shows – Kundan Tiwari

Done Serials and TVC – Punith

Done Ramp walk and Fashion show – Tanisha

Done Ramp Walk in Movies – Juhi

Done TV Serial and Ads – Priya

Done Ads for Mitshubishi – Kannan

Done ads and TVC – Rudra

Done Cover Shoot for Thozhi, 80 Ads for Cinnathirai - Sana

Done Ads, Serial and Movies – Bharathwaj

Done ads, events, fashionshow Naveen vinoy panna.

Done ads,event, fashionshow Kundan Tiwari.

Done ads,movie, serial ,events,fashionshow Meenal Bhagat.

Done Ads, short films, events, movies, serials and short film good in acting , Akshith Vignesh.P

Archana vishwanathan Done Ads 1. Pothys depavali ad 2.Casa grand builders fashionshow 3.The pajama factory-30 4, Lalitha jewellery 5, Kalamandir tv commercial ad 6, New lion detes 7, Vivek&co 8,Beauty saloon 9,Evan mandiran movie 10. Gowtham karthick,doing movies 11,Karthick doing movies

Done ads , events and movie Balaji Nadarajan ,,,

Done ads, movie, serial, events, short film,and compering Prasanth Jajakumar,,

Done ads ,events, movie Snithik.S,,,,

Done ads, film serial, movies,events,Bharadhanatiyam classical Dance Priya.E,,,,

Done ads,movie, and short film Dr.Harish Kumar, M B.B.S (MD),,

Done Madurai adheshyam ,Raj Mahal Pattu A.R.R.S Selam,Bharatanatiyam classical Dance & Carnatic Music,events, ads Annanyasree,,,,

Done ads, serial,movie, Kavin.M,,,,,

Done ads,Serial,movie,event, fashionshow Anush M.P,,,,

Done ads,movie, serial shyam Sreejith.L,,,,,

Done Ads, short films, events, good in acting ,good in tennis ,sports person,karate fighter Vishakan Vettrivel

Meera Mohammed has Done tv commercial ads , Modeling, fashion show, and events, looking out to act in entire south movies .

Done ads serial and movie N.Rosalinda,,,, Done ads movie serial events and compering Deepak Kandasamy.L,,,Done ads and movie Sejal Meena,,,,Done ads Rudra Chakravarthi,,,, Done ads,movie, serail and short film Neshaanth.R.N,,,, Done movie serial ,events, ads and compering Vinoth Swaminathan,,

Nandhini Nanjan and Sandhya has done Commercial photo shoot with photography coimbatore by Shiva and Harini

These Ads Done Through our Introduction to Media Swaksha's Ganesh

Colgate Collectibles

Anil Rava

Lakshmi Vilas Bank TVC

Park View Academy Ad

Lion Dates Syrup-Tamil

Jeyachandran Textiles Ramzan

Le Cucina

Lion Dates Syrup Telugu

Tanjara Appalam TV Commercial

Adhisayam Amusement Part Madurai

Done Nalli print Ads

Nandini Collection 2016

Done Commercial Aadi Sale Chennai Silk given Kids 2016

,Done Pothys Diwali Ads 2015 given kids

Done Aavin print Ads

Done co optex Print 2015

Done Furtune oil Recent Ads given kid model 2016

Done nippon furnniture Madurai

Done Saravana store given girl kid Tambaram

Models promoted till today Priya.S , Nitin A.K, Govind.V, Nitin A.K, Sherin Farhana.J, Deepthi.V, Rosalind Rajkumar, Jayaraj.E, Yuvaraj.S, Ingersoll. R.A, Sanjiv Solanki, Arjunan,Adhithya, Pranav.N, Rishyashringan,Dhanasekar.K, Krushiv Loghith.D, Avantika Vandanapu, Surendar.J. ,Sannasirangan.A, Murali Krishan, Archana Sri,Kishore.H.,Shiva Shankar.K, Sai Riya,Swarna,Baradhwaj.A.G, Ganesh Prabu ..,

Done print ads for erode ohm vijay foods,preserved readymade dosai,poori,idlie,chappathi, food item.

Archana Sri: Title: Girls - Done movies and jewelry ads

Aditiya & Arjunan: Title: Children - Done ad

Pranav : Title: Children - Done ad

Krushiv Loghiti: Title: Children - Done Movies & Ad

Avantika: Title: Children - Done Tamil Movies & Ad

All College, Engineering and Medicine admission done within Tamilnadu and outside Tamilnadu

Model Levinika done Madurai athsayam 2016

Done Southern Railway Ad

Coordinated pasanga2, miruthan and kethu Movies

Female Model:

Priya S







Sai Reiya M


Deepthi V




Male Model:

Sai Ramanan S

Adithya Ravi

Suresh Raj

Yuvaraj S

Uncle Model

Mohit Singh

Govind V


Young Aunty Model

Roselind Rajkumar

Done photoshoot










Done Ashok Nandavanam properties pvt. ltd commercial ad

C.M Birthing Boutique

Kids Fancy Focks


Rathi Textiles

Nalli Sarees

Nalli Jewellers



Kumaran Silks

Sundari Silks

this model prorate was done by beautician Dhivya
Done Photograph stylish makeup Dhivya printshoot
Done Co-Optex saree shoot ad

Shyam acting in serials and dancer
Pradeep Santhanam acting in Pasamalar Sun TV Serial
P.B Varshini done classmate notebook ad
P.Jananni acting in serial Kairasi Kudumbam JAYA TV
Done Dermaspray Commercial advertisement in all Languages. It is a London product .
Swaksha Ganesh acted with actor surya highcool movie taken by Pandiarajan
Chavi acted in movie Puli for child Shruti Haasan
Done community matrimony ad
Actor Vishnu Vishal is introduced by VNandhini Model coordinator in mickman ad
Nitesh R Malick, Harsh, Sheela N, Vijay Anand, Santosh S,Ashwin Shankar, Sudanshu Singh, Gokulnath, Shravya all done Tata Glucose Energy Drink
Dharshini S done kalaignar kapitu thittam
Tata Gluco Plus ad by The Silent pictures company(Shankar Shanmugham and Balaji)
Hema Shankar done Sri Ganapathy Silks ad
Ramakrishnan G: Natpin Dhanam(short), Mudivalla Arambam-Nadodigal(vendhar Tv), Kuttrangal Thavirpom Documentary
HemaShankar done Advertisement: sree lakshmi builders Vummidi Bangaru Ajith cotton seed Platinum sundaram Hospital Movie: Oru pakka kathi
Dharshini S acting in Gautham Menon Movie(Unnai Arinthal child character)
Tata Gluco Energy Drink
Makkal TV News reader Sathya
Samira Sultana Acted in Ramraj Commercial Ad

Done KFC ad
Swaksha Ganesh Acted in Movies: *Kalyana Samayal Sadham as younger Lekha Washington *JK Ennum Nanbanin Vaazhkai Directed by Cheran Advertisements: *SRM Hospital Advertisement *JK Construction AD *Garment Company Ad
HipHop Album
Karthik Kumar Kandasamy from Australia doing movie as Hero "Un Paarvai Parkkave" lyrics video link for our upcoming film "Seyalinai Moochinai Unakkalithen"
Buvaneshwari S thanthi tv kutram kutrame anchor
Saif acting in “SONDHA BANDHAM” for SUN TV serial and JODI NO 1 Season 8 as a CONTESTANT for VIJAY TV. Art carat jewellery show held in Taj Connemara-Vivanta Hall today 26-12-2014 organised by VNandhini Model Coordinator

Few models given by us for FILM FARE AWARDS Event 2014 like dancers and hostess

Organised Vivatha Medai in suntv 21-12-2014 given models
Nippon Furniture
Global Furniture
Kumaran Silks
GRT Wedding and celebration collections
Style One
Apollo Engineering College
Khazana Jewellery
Prince Jewellery
RMKV Bridal sarees
Sathya Furniture World
RM Jewellers Akshaya Tritiya
Prince Jewellery Akshaya Tritiya
VBJ Bridal Collection
Lalitha Jewellery
Nalli Neelambari Collection
Reliance trends 2014
JCS Jewel Creations
Shree Nikethan Bridal Mantra 2014
RMKV Silks of India
Diva Collections
S.M Silks Pride of pure silks
Propel Fitness Equipment Store
Elvive full restore
Care Beauty Soap
Clio Professional
Samsung Galaxy Tab2
Temple Jewellery Festival
Joyalukkas Vaddanam
Jos Alukkas Gift of Cherish
JayaLakshmi The Bridal Destination
Papillon Fall & Holiday 2014
Tiger Brand Rice
Sungold Jersey Milk
Saravana Bhavan
shree raj mahal jewellers
Seematti Textiles
Sri Kumaran Stores Saree with pocket
Bridal Seven
Sundari Silks
SpiceJet mega sale
Pothys Modern Bride Aadi sale
Independence day special offer spice jet
Metha Jewellers
Challani Jewellery Mart
Vara Mahalakshmi 2014
Wisdom Making Dreams Come True..
Closeup Diamond Attraction
FilmFare events 2014
Axis Bank Exclusive Deals
D'damas diamond
Josco Jewellers
Gili Stylish Apparel 2014
Malabar Gold and Diamond
Horlicks Everyday
cihc play smart phone

Catherine Iudy Mathew acting in Zee tv uyirmei serials

Introduced pradhayani nick name Dolly topmost model in South

Ravi Shanker Jaiswal doing some ads, Fashion shows, Events

Nisha Sindhu.D classical, western and fork dancer: Done ads and acting in Movies, Serials

Mohnan/Model/Actor done more than 50 ads and Movies

Boomika Meera.K acted in serials and short films

Abhishek V - acting in serials Boomika Meera.K acted in serials and short films

Adithya - acting in serials

Dharshini S acting in serials

Jayaditya done ads

sivakarthikeyan introduced by Nandhini model coordinator in poorvika valagum alagiya tamil magan

Pankaj Rajan

Dr.Sairam & Gobi Ramesh acted in movies
Ana by Archana reddy
Anushree Reddy
Aryan’s Designer Studio
Design N Stylez
Eva fashions
Garlic and onion
Giza & Pita
Jayanthi Reddy
Just jewels
Lemon tree
Monza’s Fashion studio
Nita Shah
Prathyusha Garimella
Radha Traditions
Sony Mirpuri
Tint Décor
White carnation

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